Introducing: “Short Film Saturdays”

Hello everyone, I’ve decided that the best way for me to update the blog regularly is to create a proper schedule. Part of this new schedule is the introduction of this new section, Short Film Saturdays.  It’s pretty self explanatory: I’m hoping to review a short film every week and share it with you all on here. I think this will be a brilliant way to support … Continue reading Introducing: “Short Film Saturdays”

Survivor Meets Saw – “Series 7: The Contenders”

     “I’ve got nothing to live for, but I don’t wanna die.” Rating: ★★★ Reality TV is something we’re all too familiar with in this day and age. It seems like they’re always commissioning new shows where we act like voyeurs and watch other people live their lives, perform quirky (and often embarrassing) challenges, and compete against each other to win grand prizes. It’s nothing … Continue reading Survivor Meets Saw – “Series 7: The Contenders”