The clock is ticking: My thoughts on “2:HRS”

  Rating: ★★ The concept of knowing when you’re going to die is a fascinating one, and sparks many philosophical debates. Would you like to know so you can do everything you’ve wanted, or would you rather live in blissful ignorance and take life as it comes? Unfortunately for our protagonist, Tim, he doesn’t really get the opportunity to debate this after encountering a machine that … Continue reading The clock is ticking: My thoughts on “2:HRS”

Short Film Saturdays (on a Sunday?): “Abe”

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s that time of the week again! Sorry this review wasn’t posted yesterday, I’m going to blame the heatwave and the fact England are through to the semi-finals for why I was so distracted… This week I wanted to showcase one of my favourite short films: Abe. I remember watching this back at University and being completely stunned by how amazing it was. The seven minute … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays (on a Sunday?): “Abe”

Short Film Saturdays: “Family Game Night”

Rating: ★★★★ 1/2 Nick Ferwerda’s 11 minute horror comedy, Family Game Night, follows the story of your everyday middle-class family as they sit down for some quality family time. You have mum, dad and a son and daughter. It starts out very normal, but soon takes a hilariously dark turn. It sells itself as a horror-comedy, and did genuinely make me laugh out loud in places. I often … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Family Game Night”

Short Film Saturdays: “Dinner”

Rating: ★★★ I was sent a screener copy of this film by director Sarah Appleton. First off, thank you so much for trusting me and allowing me to review your film! It always makes me happy when a new film finds its way into my inbox. Something I really admire about Dinner is the fact that it takes huge risks as a film. It’s often difficult … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Dinner”