Me, courtesy of Slinkeee Illustration

I created Lucy Goes To Hollywood back in February 2017, as a way to share my thoughts with other film fans. As a Film Graduate and life-long cinephile, films take up a large part of my free time. I love the way we can tell a story visually and in so many different ways, and it’s something I’m hugely passionate about. That sense of escapism that comes with watching a film is something many of us can experience, and I believe film is meant to be shared. That’s why this blog exists.

I explore a variety of genres and types, with a special focus on independent short films every week. Short Film Saturdays was created to support filmmakers and showcase their work. I’ve always enjoyed short films as it’s fascinating to see how stories can be told in under an hour, sometimes no more than a few minutes. I’m constantly blown away by how talented people are. Outside of shorts, I’m always doing my best to review the latest cinema releases. Being a proud member of ODEON Limitless certainly helps with this!

When I’m not writing for this blog, you can sometimes find me contributing articles to the wonderful Jumpcut OnlineI have been collaborating with them since 2018 and it’s such a pleasure to be part of such a talented, passionate community of people. I recommend checking them out!

Every now and then I like to guest star on podcasts, most recently with Filmotomy and At The FlicksMy own podcast is currently in the works, and I hope to get it up and running by the end of 2018. If you’d like to be a guest, please do let me know. 

I am open for collaborations and events, so if you would like to partner with me in any way, you can either reach me on Twitter @LGTHBlog or email me at If I am free and able to, I will most likely say yes!

I’m looking forward to seeing how can I grow the blog over the coming years, as I’ve already been overwhelmed by the growth so far. I am most active in the Film Twitter community, with a strong following on there. We’re always happy to welcome new members, so come and say hi!

Thank you for reading and being part of my film journey. I love you all. ♥