Short Film Saturdays: “Hang Up!”

Rating: ★★★★ We’re all guilty of pocket dialling people, but most of the time the person on the other end doesn’t hear much more than footsteps, background noise, or unintelligible conversations. Unfortunately for Hang Up!‘s protagonist, Gary, he ends up hearing a discussion that reveals a much darker side to his wife, Emelia. One little conversation changes his life forever. Robert Nolan excels in the main role, … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Hang Up!”

Short Film Saturdays: “New York City Sketchbook”

  Rating: ★★★★ 1/2 Sketchbooks are commonplace amongst artists, but have you ever seen one come to life before? In Willy Hartland’s New York City Sketchbook, we see the candid and honest sketches move before our eyes as they tell a story within this iconic city that provides a backdrop for many films and TV shows; a city that we all know even if we haven’t set foot in … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “New York City Sketchbook”

Short Film Saturdays: “Another Game”

  Rating: ★★★★ Another Game is the second film I’m reviewing from Big Picture Film Club’s Conspiracy event. Starring one of my favourite YouTubers Stuart Ashen, it was very exciting to sit down and watch it during this screening. I even got to speak to Stuart during the event which was a real honour – thank you for that! The main thing that impressed me about Another Game was … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Another Game”

Short Film Saturdays: “In2ruders”

Rating: ★★★ 1/2 I recently had the opportunity to attend Big Picture Film Club‘s Conspiracy event in Shoreditch, where five independent short films were screened. I’ll be reviewing all of them in upcoming Short Film Saturdays posts, so make sure you keep an eye out for those! This week, I’m taking a look at In2ruders by Naeem Mahmood. The film explores a much darker side to the music … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “In2ruders”

Short Film Saturdays: “Future Boyfriend”

Rating: ★★★★ This week I’m taking a look at Future Boyfriend; a quirky romantic comedy film. Running at 10 minutes, the film follows Stuart and Kaylie as they head out for a date at a restaurant. So far, so basic right? That is, until Stuart reveals to Kaylie that he’s actually from the future. Now that’s a bombshell! I really enjoyed this film from the very beginning. Whilst … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Future Boyfriend”

Short Film Saturdays (on a Sunday?): “Abe”

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s that time of the week again! Sorry this review wasn’t posted yesterday, I’m going to blame the heatwave and the fact England are through to the semi-finals for why I was so distracted… This week I wanted to showcase one of my favourite short films: Abe. I remember watching this back at University and being completely stunned by how amazing it was. The seven minute … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays (on a Sunday?): “Abe”

Short Film Saturdays: “Beneath”

  Rating: ★★★★ Beneath is a four minute short based on the horror game The Guts of the City, both created by the hugely talented Jonu Films. This is the first short film I’ve reviewed that is also a game, which immediately sparked my interest after stumbling across Jonu YouTube. I am (albeit an easily scared) fan of horror gaming so I am definitely going to pluck up the … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Beneath”

Short Film Saturdays: “Family Game Night”

  Length: 11 minutes Rating: ★★★★ 1/2 Nick Ferwerda’s 11 minute horror comedy, Family Game Night, follows the story of your everyday middle-class family as they sit down for some quality family time. You have mum, dad and a son and daughter. It starts out very normal, but soon takes a hilariously dark turn. It sells itself as a horror-comedy, and did genuinely make me laugh out loud … Continue reading Short Film Saturdays: “Family Game Night”