LGTH Scrapbook: an easy, creative way to preserve cinema tickets

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Many of us love keeping hold of our cinema tickets. They hold so many memories: maybe you took someone special there, maybe it was your first time, or maybe you just really loved the film so you wanted to keep hold of it. Whatever your reason – keeping tickets is pretty awesome, and a great thing to look back on a few years (or even months) down the line.

Rather than just stuffing my tickets in a drawer somewhere, I really wanted to do something more creative with them. Keep in mind my creative abilities are pretty limited; I can’t draw or paint, or do anything like that, so I needed something simple.  I eventually thought of the perfect way to link my scrapbook with my online blog, and have a physical copy of the ratings I gave each film. I’m so happy with the result!

It’s so easy to put together. All I used was a pritt stick, some metallic sharpies, cute stickers and a holographic scrapbook (all from Paperchase). The possibilities really are endless, you can use any colours or stickers you want, whatever best reflects your personality. I opted for stars so I could link them back to how I score reviews on here.

To get creative, it just goes to show you don’t need to spend hours our have excellent artistic ability. Sometimes it’s just a case of sticking things down on a page! I love how versatile this idea is because you can do it by month, year, genre, whatever you’d like. I chose to simply do “2018 films” to start me off as I started so late in the year, and threw some of my earlier tickets away (the shame!!). I quite like this format though and will definitely be continuing into 2019 this way.


Let me know if you decide to do this with your own tickets! It doesn’t have to be cinema, it can be anything really. I think this would work well with gig tickets like music or comedy, or even boarding passes if you’re a jet-setter. Whatever your passion, if you like ranking or reviewing things, this is the perfect style for you.

I will definitely be sharing scrapbook updates when it’s a bit more full, but I think this is a really great start and I’m pleased with it so far. Let me know what you think of the idea in the comments and do share any of your own scrapbook ideas too!


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