Short Film Saturdays: “Another Game”

Rating: ★★★★

Another Game is the second film I’m reviewing from Big Picture Film Club’s Conspiracy event. Starring one of my favourite YouTubers Stuart Ashen, it was very exciting to sit down and watch it during this screening. I even got to speak to Stuart during the event which was a real honour – thank you for that!

The main thing that impressed me about Another Game was the lack of dialogue, and how it made things even eerier than they already were. The film follows unnamed characters as they filter into a secluded location to compete in another game (hence the title). This anonymity really emphasises the mob mentality of the characters, as they jeer and watch as the game takes place. You don’t know anything about their beliefs, personal lives or ages, they’re literally numbers in a room waiting to be called upon.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers hence why I’m being so vague, but I really loved the unnerving visual style and sense of morbid anticipation throughout the film. You know what’s coming but you can’t look away, and you find yourself becoming part of the jeering crowd. I loved how easy it was to become sucked into the film, regardless of how uncomfortable I felt with what was happening.

In terms of both its narrative and style, Another Game reminded me of Would You Rather? based on the twisted voyeurism and gamification of violence. Films like this are an interesting look into the human condition, and just how far we’d go to experience thrills over and over again. If put in the position, would you give into peer pressure and hurt someone? Would it make you feel good? After all, it’s all fun and games until your name comes up…

I’d recommend this film for those who love psychological thrillers, because this is a well-written, well-acted short that grips you from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until the end credits roll. I’m so impressed with what everyone involved has created, as it’s such a captivating indie short. I only wish it had been a little longer, because I was really getting into it and found myself feeling disappointed that it had to end. I can’t wait to see where the film goes, and hope they get the recognition they deserve.

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