FILM REVIEW: Le Mans ’66 (+ analysis by Josh Wood)

I’ve never collaborated with anyone on a written review before, but the idea came to me after seeing trailers for Le Mans ’66. (aka Ford v Ferrari in the US… a much better title!)

I am not a motor racing fan by any means, I can just about name the F1 teams and drivers, and recognise the make and model of your average road car,  but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. I certainly know nothing about Le Mans!

So, who better than to collaborate with me on my Le Mans ’66 review than my petrolhead boyfriend, Josh?

Josh and I at Brands Hatch, where I’m wearing his Ferrari hat and pretending I’m cool!

If you’ve ever met him you’ll be very aware of his passion for motor racing, and if you ever come to our flat you’ll no doubt hear the roar of engine noises as he catches up with the latest race.  You’ll most certainly see motor racing art on the walls too!

His passion for the sport is as strong as my love of film, and I thought his analysis on just how accurate Le Mans ’66 is would be a fitting addition to my review. Mine will focus entirely on how well the film was made, the performances, and its entertainment factor, whereas Josh’s will be a lot more in depth and analytical.

I’m unable to accurately comment on how true to life it all is, so I’ll leave that down to someone who I consider to be an expert in the world of motor racing. If there was a competition on car knowledge, Josh would leave me for dust.

As you can see from the photo below, Josh has even competed in kart racing and has won around a dozen trophies during this time.

Josh and his dad, Andy, at Buckmore Park.

So, without further ado, on to the reviews! You can find mine on page two, and Josh’s on page three of this bumper review.

We really hope you enjoy reading our very conflicting thoughts, and feel free to leave your own thoughts and questions below!

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